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Record Details

Artist:The Everly Brothers
Label:  Warner Bros.
Catalogue:WB 109
Date:Oct 1963
Chart Position:25
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Community:25 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Everly BrothersThe Girl Sang The BluesMann, WeilThe Everly Brothers8.0  Rate
BThe Everly BrothersLove HerMann, WeilThe Everly Brothers9.0  Rate


6th Jul 2013
 Thanks to baverty (and sandy beech) for alerting me to this version. I am very fond of The Walker Brothers cut, believing it to be their finest, in advance of other more commonly-played tracks that were big hits for the guys.

Much as I love the Everlys' close harmony, on this occasion I would go for The Walkers' cut. Something about the whole presence on their recording: Scott in superb voice and that Spector-like magic. The normally appealing tremor in Don and Phil's voices seems to detract a little from the song's impact on this occasion.

6th Jul 2013
 Thanks to Baverty's recommendation I hunted out this excellent version of Love Her.


12th Nov 2011
 Both sides of this disc are to me, superb. But especially their original version of the Walkers' 'Love Her'. I can never decide whose is the better rendition.

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