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Artist:The Everly Brothers
Label:  Warner Bros.
Catalogue:WB 109
Date:Oct 1963
Chart Position:25
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Community:23 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Everly BrothersThe Girl Sang The BluesMann, WeilThe Everly Brothers7.0  Rate
BThe Everly BrothersLove HerMann, WeilThe Everly Brothers9.0  Rate


Number: 1610157  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: Jente_Jan_de_Jong
Description: Warner Bros. WB 109 promo A side label

Number: 1610158 
Uploaded By: Jente_Jan_de_Jong
Description: Warner Bros. WB 109 promo B side label

Number: 20065 
Uploaded By: cronkey
Description: A Side Label

Number: 20066 
Uploaded By: cronkey
Description: B Side Label

Number: 1610160 
Uploaded By: Jente_Jan_de_Jong
Description: Warner Bros. WB 109 A side label "flat"centre

Number: 1610161 
Uploaded By: Jente_Jan_de_Jong
Description: Warner Bros. WB 109 B side label "flat" centre

6th Jul 2013
 Thanks to baverty (and sandy beech) for alerting me to this version. I am very fond of The Walker Brothers cut, believing it to be their finest, in advance of other more commonly-played tracks that were big hits for the guys.

Much as I love the Everlys' close harmony, on this occasion I would go for The Walkers' cut. Something about the whole presence on their recording: Scott in superb voice and that Spector-like magic. The normally appealing tremor in Don and Phil's voices seems to detract a little from the song's impact on this occasion.

6th Jul 2013
 Thanks to Baverty's recommendation I hunted out this excellent version of Love Her.


12th Nov 2011
 Both sides of this disc are to me, superb. But especially their original version of the Walkers' 'Love Her'. I can never decide whose is the better rendition.

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