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Artist:Gina G
Label:  WEA
Catalogue:WEA 041LC
Date:Apr 1996
Format:Promo Only 7"
Chart Position:1
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Community:8 Own
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AGina GOoh Aah....Just A Little Bit (Motiv8 Radio Edit)Simon Tauber, Steve RodwaySteve Rodway9.0  Rate
BGina GOoh Aah....Just A Little Bit (Motiv8 Extended Vocal Mix)Simon Tauber, Steve RodwaySteve RodwayRate


black label 7" jukebox (uk eurovision entry)


6th Nov 2011
 Don't think whoever set this one up was giving it their fullest attention as writer Simon Tauber ended up as 'Simom' on both sides

6th Nov 2011
 Thank you groovemaster for that explanation. Indeed I do cherish those discs since for me, they sound better than CD's anyday!

6th Nov 2011
 Don't forget this one gdj! Probably my favourite 'all blacker'.

6th Nov 2011
 Hi BBP the IEP's that were pressed unpainted were normally Telstar custom pressings for their vinyl Juke Box customers and suppliers like Mam Innplay was.

There seemed to be no logic in spending out on the paint or incorporating the process at pressing.

These wondeful little gems (many were they only way that these tracks came out on vinyl) seemed to be treated as just an annoying irritant, Telstar not really realising how rare and valuable most of their pressings were one day going to be, IE the Robbie Williams 7" CHS LH 45's and so on.

The discs were dispatched in plain white sleeves not even die-cut in boxes of 50, we had to make sure that our merchandisers knew the A sides etc and would tie the records in with the title stips. Good eyesight was needed and daylight or a torch! :)

Don't complain cherrish what you have got there be it Michael Jacksons', George Michaels' Robbie Williams' Take Thats' Spice Girls' Janet Jacksons' and so on>>> remember that the CD singles are worth zippo, your custom vinyl 45's are going to just annually increase as copies get harder to source and or in anything like a Ex to Vg condition.

What you can do is print up a sticker with the info you require and stick this on the top RHS of the sleeve, then you can easily read it when you are storing/filing.

6th Nov 2011
 Totally agree with gdj (and biffbampow) on this one. In a weird sort of way i always thought this massive club hit was too good for Eurovision. Gina G sang it really well on the night and it shone out amongst all the other utter dross. I haven't googled it (because I can't be bothered) but wasn't this during the wasted years of dreary, melancholic, over-nationalistic, folksy, etherial rubbish? I know that Ireland won it in that 1996 contest with the mega-dreary and utterly forgettable 'The Voice' (let's all hum along with that one - I don't think).
Then we got all that Balkan block voting nonsense in the years that followed - and now the contest is a bigger joke than it has ever been. Kitsch value only now sadly (or maybe that's all it ever had?). There'll never be a proper 'contest' until they sort out the rancid politics that have ruined it all.
Bring back Katie Boiler - that's what I think!

6th Nov 2011
 Note for what it's worth I think Eurovision has become very much a two sided event Western Europe Vs Eastern Block Europe.

Indeed - the Eastern Bloc domination has turned the contest into a shambolic farce... but that's a debate for another place! Don't get me started on the fact it's more like watching a "Come Dancing" type show with endless choreography. It's tiresome!

Maybe it's been asked somewhere else around here, but why on Earth were many 90's singles unpainted? I've got a handful and they're a nuisance since they're not in picture sleeves so I have to hold them at an angle to determine what the record is! Quite often I'll see them with a white sticker plastered on with a handwritten note to record what it is which I assume were done by DJ's.

6th Nov 2011
 May have failed at Eurovision blocked by the Eastern Block :(

Howvever this became and still is a massive party floor filler

The image is of a Telstar custom un-painted IEP WEA commercial releases pressed by Damont came out on WEA's Eternal imprint.

The 12" release is naturally the best format and has the full mixes.

[Note for what it's worth I think Eurovision has become very much a two sided event Western Europe Vs Eastern Block Europe.

There really needs to be two seperate contests with the Eastern Block first and the winner of that be the song that represents all of those liberated countries to reduce pally-pally voting and that song then be submitted to Eurovision as per it should be. Then when these Eastern Block votes continually give that representitive entry 12 points the politics will be clearly shown.

It's a song contest not a glitzy oooh ahh pop show that totally detracts from the song and singer, they should sing live backed by live orchestra/musicains, not a pre-recored track>>>but hey-ho what do I know.

It use to be worth watching, now its an over the top X-factor show where the judges are politisized onw way!!

I hate to say that sadly this was a one hit wonder, that still deffo cuts the mootard :)

5th Nov 2011
 I thought it was a sure fire winner, but there you go, that's Eurovision for you. Whatever happened to Gina?

5th Nov 2011
 Whatever you think of Eurovision this was a supremely catchy tune & once again We wuz robbed! apologies for the state of the scans,this was as good as I could manage.

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