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Record Details

Artist:Lord Creator
Label:  Island
Catalogue:WI 001
Date:15 Jun 1962
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Community:11 Own
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ALord CreatorIndependant Jamaica Calypso7.7  Rate
BLord CreatorRemember7.0  Rate


A-side is mispelt on earlier copies.
B-side title is actually Remember Your Mother And Father.
RR June 14, 1962


Charlie Chalk
28th Apr 2015
 I suspect it sold solidly until the mid 1960s, c.1965/66. I've no idea of the quantities though.

Independent Jamaica:


Great record.

Deepinder Cheema
28th Apr 2015
 Very nice variation. This must have been a good seller as I can see several of them. I wonder what the numbers could have been and how long the disc remained in print. A good day to see this label as I have just scored a copy of ILP 926

28th Apr 2015
 The gold labeled '1st Anniversary of Jamaica Independence' edition was apparently manufactured in a pressing of 300 as gifts for guests at the '1st Anniversary of Jamaica Independence' party at the Jamaican Embassy in London in August 1963

27th Sep 2013
 Earlier copies was titled "Independant (sic) Jamaica" before "Calypso" was added. Lord Creator was the Trinidadian vocalist Kentrick Patrick who went on to record ska and reggae further on in the decade.

Charlie Chalk
21st Jan 2013
 This record must have sold in huge quantities, but over a prolonged period of time.

21st Jan 2013
 Pleased to see somebody decided to correct the spelling of Independent eventually.

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