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Artist:Fairport Convention
Label:  Island
Catalogue:WIP 6047
Date:29 Nov 1968
Chart Position:52
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Community:16 Own, 4 Want
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AFairport ConventionMeet On The LedgeRichard ThompsonJoe Boyd9.3  Rate
BFairport ConventionThrowaway Street PuzzleThompson, HutchingsJoe Boyd8.0  Rate


My Friend Jack
8th Aug 2015
 One week on the Breakers list on 15 Jan 1969, in 2nd place.

2nd Sep 2012

9th Aug 2012

16th Feb 2012
 MonkeyHanger if you want good Fairport to get your teeth into try What We Did On Our Holidays (1968), Red and Gold (Late 80's), Babbacombe Lee (1971ish), also Sandy Denny's 1st solo LP (one of the best I've ever heard) and the Rock On LP by the Bunch too

1st Feb 2012
 For a minute there Dr Doom I thought I had a swap for the Gentle Influence 45...but it's not you that "Wants" this single. Got to say that "Come All Ye" track has really turned my head onto Fairport. Anything to recommend apart from L&L??

Dr Doom
1st Feb 2012
 Not to my knowledge MH.

I wish it were!

: )

1st Feb 2012
 Having recently discovered "Liege and Leif" I was wondering if the opening track "Come All Ye" was on a 45 anywhere?? It's a belter!

15th May 2011
 The Ledge was a branch on a tree in Hampstead Heath. Thompson used to sit on the branch with his friends as a child. When he lost two friends at once in the terrible bus crash which he was involved in, it made him think of meeting his friends back there when... "our time is up, I'm gonna' see all my friends..." Very touching!

On another note, what a lovely colour that label was at the time! I particularly like the "eye" label too!

22nd Nov 2010
 Yup...every copy I've seen is the spelt with the upside down U

31st Mar 2010
 Mine is. Must have been deliberate.

Dr Doom
21st Feb 2009
 Just noticed the upside down U on the Throwaway Street Puzzle scan.

I wonder if they are all like that?


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