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Artist:Mott The Hoople
Label:  Island
Catalogue:WIP 6105
Date:Jul 1971
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:15 Own
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Picture sleeve.


18th Feb 2014
 Here's Midnight Lady


12th Dec 2012
 No worries Hawkmarty - not um heap big problem. (Can I still say that? I've just read on Wiki that in more recent times some earlier strips have been reprinted, but with the cod-Native American 'dialogue' dropped).

12th Dec 2012
 In that case it might be Bob McGrath .
I have no idea why I said 80s or 90s when the 7" is 1971. I think I'll chalk that one up to a late shift at work and crave your collective indulgences.

Deepinder Cheema
11th Dec 2012
 Its the artist who did The Three Bears who also turned his hand to Little Plum. This was classic Beano of the 1970's.

11th Dec 2012
 Er...it's 1971, and looks just like the character (whose name I forget) did when I read the Beano later in the '70s. Wouldn't know about the artist.

11th Dec 2012
 Probably 80s or 90s then. Definitely not Leo Baxendale and too stylised for David Law...

11th Dec 2012
 It's a frame from 'Little Plum', isn't it?

11th Dec 2012
 That bear looks like it was drawn by someone from the Beano.

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