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Artist:The Buggles
Label:  Island
Catalogue:WIP 6524
Date:7 Sep 1979
Chart Position:1
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Community:119 Own, 2 Want
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AThe BugglesVideo Killed The Radio StarWoolley, Horn, DownesThe Buggles8.3  Rate
BThe BugglesKid DynamoHorn, DownesThe BugglesRate


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2nd Jan 2014
 Not sure if i'm imagining this but i once heard that 1970's "popette" saint Tina of Charles put up the money for our bespectacled hero and side-kick to record this ditty...they,apparently, having been her backing musicians on such butt shakers as Dance Little Lady,Dr Love et al!. Apart from the four singles the album was,well,disappointing...although this track appears with an extra ten seconds of synth melody right at the end.You might not think that worth commenting on but when i play this on my long walks through the English countryside during hot summer afternoons the effect on my emotions is so amazing...it makes you glad to be alive on such days.Try for yourself..but make sure you have that longer version!.

25th Oct 2013
 Oh! Dear This came on this Morning.

YouTube-MP3 loses copyright court battle.

Isohunt shut It's doors Yesterday To. H.

16th Sep 2012
 Dead wax : Both sides "Sound Clinic" (Mastering / cutting studio..that was located in Chiswick, London, and owned by Island Records. The studio closed in 1987).

11th Sep 2012
 Japan's "Music Labo" singles chart of 10 march 1980 published in Billboard on 15 march 1980 under HITS OF THE WORLD shows Buggles entering at #20 on Island entitled "RADIO STAR NO KIGERI" - sounds like a Japanese language version to me - can a 45catter from Japan shed light perhaps?

10th Sep 2012

Thin Yoghurt
10th Sep 2012
 It is too 1970's Benny Hill and unacceptably racially stereotypical to suggest "Video kirred the ladio stal"?

10th Sep 2012
 when charting in Japan as listed in Billboard magazine's HITS OF THE WORLD this had a Japanese title. Did they record it in Japanese language?

Juke Jules
11th Dec 2011
 Excellent factoid, mm 8c}
Bruce Woolley EPC 7926

11th Dec 2011
 many people believe that this single was a Buggles original, which is partially correct, however the first version released was by Bruce Woolley, predating it by a few months in 1979.

1st Aug 2011
 Maybe not in the US, but it reached No. 1 in the UK in October 79

1st Aug 2011
 The reason it's considered an 80s record is probably because it didn't do well as a single when it first came out in 1979 and not that many people remember it that first time around . When MTV ran it that first time, it wasn't even on active release, but since it WAS the first video played on MTV , and it was in the 80s, it's considered an 80s record

26th Jul 2011
 I remember it from my childhood and although I was born in 1979, i obviously don't remember that far back so it must have been big in the early 80s. Also, now it often gets put on 80s set soundtracks (eg The Wedding Singer, GTA Vice City etc) and played at 80s nights... at the other end of the 80s, you get The Stone Roses etc that most people think of as the 90s...

26th Jul 2011
 Problaly because it was the first video shown on MTV launch in 1981

26th Jul 2011
 A lot of people think of Video Killed The Radio Star as being an eighties hit, and they are surprised when I tell them it was a hit in 1979. Why do you think that is?

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