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Record Details

Artist:The Jags
Label:  Island
Catalogue:WIP 6587
Date:May 1980
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:18 Own
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AThe JagsParty GamesWatkinson, AlderSimon Humphrey, The Jags9.0  Rate
BThe JagsShe's So ConsiderateWatkinson, AlderSimon Humphrey, The JagsRate


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19th Jul 2014
 I forgot to add, that I too don't see the need for a new entry for the DJ edit.
Which is why I just added my scans here, with the comment (May 2012).

18th Jul 2014
 Those are matrix numbers, not CAT. numbers. We don't go by matrix numbers.
Unless mods disagree, I don't think those minor differences warrant a new entry.

18th Jul 2014
 Look under cat#, in small print: WIP 6587A-DJ on the 3:20 edit, WIP 6587A on the 3:46 stock issue.
(as I already noted - - my grubby label now in hidden folder, and I may well delete it soon)

18th Jul 2014
 CAT. # looks the same to me on both pressings. What are you talking about MM?

I see WIP 6587 on both pressings.

18th Jul 2014
 DJ copy should have a separate entry as the cat no is different and the A side is clearly a different pressing

10th May 2012
 I have a DJ copy of this with a running time shown on label as 3.20 instead of 3.46 on regular issue. WIP 6587A-DJ. The B side looks the same as regular issue.

18th Mar 2012
 Sleeve and label scans added. Perhaps it was optimistic to try and squeeze a third single from the "Evening Standards" album despite the sheer perfection of the first, "Back Of My Hand"; at any rate, no chart action whatever for this.

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