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Artist:The Portsmouth Sinfonia
Label:  Springtime
Catalogue:WIP 6736
Date:Aug 1981
Chart Position:38
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Community:26 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Portsmouth SinfoniaClassical MuddlyVariousMartin LewisRobin Mortimore9.0  Rate
BThe Portsmouth Sinfonia And ChoirHallelujah ChorusHandelMartin LewisRobin MortimoreRate


Thin Yoghurt
30th Sep 2014
 Deadwax message on 'B' side - "COME BACK JESUS - ALL IS FORGIVEN..."

28th Sep 2014
 Founded by Gavin Bryars. Idea was that anyone can play. one time member was Brian Eno

26th Jul 2014
 Truly unbelievable. We all know how gloriously inept the orchestra were but it sounds like the producer was just as inept, not really having a clue how to edit tape properly. The thrill of hearing the cannons in wrong place in the 1812 Overture section is unsurpassable!

23rd Sep 2013
 Very much an Island design!

Michael Earith
23rd Sep 2013
 Pressed by Island Records I take it? if the catalogue code WIP is anything to go by.

22nd Sep 2012
 The 1981 medley to a disco beat really knew no bounds! Even got to number 38 in the charts!

8th Sep 2012
 Added solid centre scans

6th Dec 2011

Crying here!!!!!

Dr Doom
5th Feb 2010
 Ha Ha.

I think you've made the right decision.

Classical Muddly is enough for any sane 45 fan!

See label scans for details.....

5th Feb 2010

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