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Record Details

Artist:The Pretenders
Label:  WEA
Country:South Africa
Catalogue:WIS 639
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
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AThe PretendersDon't Get Me WrongHyndeBob Clearwater, Jimmy Iovine8.0  Rate
BThe PretendersDanceHyndeBob Clearwater, Jimmy IovineRate


Mixed by Bob Clearwater (sic)


30th Apr 2012
 yes, it's south african. It charted there in jan 1987 peaking at #21. HYMN TO HER, their next charted single in SA, had the catalogue number WIS 643

29th Apr 2012
 'WIS' does seem to be the prefix for WEA's South African singles at that time. Country changed.

mickey rat
29th Apr 2012
 Thanks Chang, I thought it came from you. It did indeed have a very clean company sleeve, but it's now gone to a new home so I can't check it. I sometimes ponder on the way records go from hand to hand and where they end up. It would make a good subject for a short film I think.

29th Apr 2012
 I'm the person this was sourced from as mentioned in the previous post. From memory - I bought this record in Sydney and possibly it is South African as I somewhat remember it or others similar around is being in generic company sleeves that indicated they were South African issues.

mickey rat
29th Apr 2012
 You could be right V_J. This came to me from a collector who spent a lot of time in South East Asia, including Indonesia.

29th Apr 2012
 Hi mickey rat,
I would say no to NZ and I have doubts about Singapore. Looking at the label, to me it appears it could be a pirate out of Indonesia. The cat# doesn't match any WEA or Pretenters world-wide.

mickey rat
29th Apr 2012
 OK guys, so what country is this from? I put it under Singapore because I had to put it somewhere. Usually at this end of the world (Oz), records with no country of origin on the labels are Singapore or New Zealand, and I figure the Kiwis wouldn't get Bob Clearmountain's name wrong. Or would they?

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