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Artist:Nino Tempo And April Stevens
Label:  White Whale
Catalogue:WW 236
Date:Aug 1966
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Community:21 Own
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ANino Tempo And April StevensAll Strung OutNino Tempo, Jerry RiopellNino Tempo, Jerry RiopellNick DeCaro9.3  Rate
BNino Tempo And April StevensI Can't Go On Living Baby Without YouNino Tempo, Jerry RiopellNino Tempo, Jerry RiopellNino Tempo, Jerry Riopell6.0  Rate


BB Sept 3, 1966

BB Sep 10 entered Hot 100, no. 26


27th Jan 2016
 But between this and Mr. Travolta, there was another version of the A side by Chad Everett back when he was starring in the TV series Medical Center (and what's more, Mr. Tempo - under the heading of "A Deep Purple Production" [surprised he never worked with the same-named British band] - produced Mr. Everett's rendition).

As to that video clip - the color picture quality seems to scream RCA TK-41 class or some equivalent (General Electric also made early color cameras - namely, PE-15 and PE-25 - along the lines of the TK-41, with image orthicon [I-O] color tubes; one of those GE's was what KCOP Channel 13 in Los Angeles - where Mr. Thaxton's show was based and had taped - had prior to their acquiring four-tube "lead oxide" [a.k.a. Plumbicon] GE PE-250 cameras not long after that clip).

26th Jan 2016
 and John Travolta gave it a go in the 70's.

25th Jan 2016
 Ort. Carlton: I agree. Here are clean stereo versions of both tracks


Ort. Carlton
25th Jan 2016
 This record out-wall-of-sounds Phil Spector;s Wall Of Sound! -- One of the greatest 45s ever made.

7th Sep 2015
 Variant scans added. (no cut-out hole)

5th Sep 2015
 ∆62700-X All Strung Out
∆62700 I Can't Go On Living Baby Without You

29th Aug 2013
 Yes, a perfect 45 - here's them performing the A-side on Lloyd Thaxton, 8/66:

24th Mar 2011

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