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Artist:The Bees [50s]
Label:  Imperial
Date:Oct 1954
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AThe Bees [50s]Toy BellDavid Bartholomew10.0  Rate
BThe Bees [50s]Snatchin' BackDavid BartholomewRate


Both labels are from the same record.

Toy Bell with old style glossy label, Arched, imperialistic style and matrix #IM-767 on the bottom.

Side B has newer label, crown design with impact font. Matrix number located in the right hand bar.


24th Jul 2014
 You sure the lead singer wasn't Bobby (Blue) Bland?

24th Jul 2014
 Added front and back label scans. Matching. :)

mickey rat
24th Jul 2014
 You're right, it don't sound like him, but "Let The Little Girl Dance" was a full six years later and he's described as "versatile" in various bios. Just had a quick look on google and some of the sources have him as "a member of The Bees..." so perhaps he wasn't actually the lead singer.

23rd Jul 2014
 Billy Bland on lead? Doesn't sound like him to me.

23rd Jul 2014
 Not uncommon, but the "notes" should really be in the comments.

23rd Jul 2014
 How odd is it to see 2 different label styles on the same record?

14th Jun 2012
 My B side label matches the A side label.

2nd May 2012
 My B side has IM-768 under The Bees.

mickey rat
1st May 2012
 Now this is interesting. Michel Ruppli tells me this was recorded in Los Angeles on September 10 1954. However both sides were written by Dave Bartholomew who rarely left New Orleans. And, after a quick internet surf I find the lead singer on these tracks was Billy Bland, best known for his later New York recording "Let The Little Girl Dance".

mickey rat
1st Apr 2012
 Earlier version by Dave Bartholomew recorded January 1952 and released on King 4544 as "My Ding-A-Ling"

1st Apr 2012

1st Apr 2012
 Toy Bell is the original version of the 1972 Chuck Berry's adaptation of "My Ding-a-ling"

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