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Artist:Fats Domino
Label:  Imperial
Catalogue:X5645 / 5645
Date:Jan 1960
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Community:22 Own
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AFats DominoCountry BoyA. Domino, D. Bartholomew8.3  Rate
BFats DominoIf You Need MeD. Bartholomew, A. Domino7.0  Rate


BB Jan 18, 1960


18th Jan 2015

18th Jan 2015

10th Dec 2012
 I've seen a dozen or so records with the same label on both sides, must have been an easier mistake to make, or where the labels were reversed. I have a couple that are missing a label on one side, but those might be glued-on labels that fell off... and then there is the occasional one where the label slipped out of position in the press.. Those would dhave been easier for quality control to spot, but they didnt get them all. Either that or they came to me via Darwin...
Eric in Milwaukee

5th Dec 2012
 Thanks for the interesting story, mickey.

mickey rat
5th Dec 2012
 Possibly the worst job I ever had was two weeks on the midnight to dawn shift at ARC/CBS in 1964 or 1965 in North Sydney operating a steam press. I thought it would be interesting work but turned out to be mind-numbingly boring and very very hot. For the whole two weeks I pressed nothing but Louis Armstrong's "Hello Dolly" Lp on Kapp. I never got to operate the 45rpm presses but the process was the same. As I remember it, it was a 50 second cycle which consisted of loading labels on short spindles top and bottom, placing a "biscuit" of vinyl on top of the bottom label, closing the press and clamping it tight like a pressure cooker, pulling a handle that released the steam, preparing labels and biscuit for the next record, opening the press at exactly the right time, taking the LP out and putting it on a deck with a lathe type arrangement that trimmed the edge of the record while it was still soft (I think the trimmings were used again in the manufacture of the biscuits), loading the next two labels and biscuit and starting the process again, stacking the last completed record on a separate "tray" with spindle. And on it went all night. At my designated tea and "lunch" breaks a roving operator stepped in and continued working on my machine until I returned. Presumably it continued thus on the daytime and evening shifts. I never saw stampers changed. When I had a dozen or so records on the spindle tray the whole lot went on a conveyor belt to the back of the factory where quality control staff checked each record and somebody else put them in sleeves. The rumour at the time was any records that weren't perfect pressings were put aside for shipment to Darwin (where theoretically everyone was drunk and wouldn't notice the crap vinyl). Really bad pressings were supposedly shipped to somewhere in Asia.

5th Dec 2012
 The recent BBC4 programme on 'The Single 45 record' showed at one point some shots of the factory line at EMI (the labels looked like HMV, as I recall). A line of guys at the presses were feeding labels on by hand, in what appeared to be a mind-numbing daily routine.

I can easily forgive the occasional error such as yours, for at the end of such a mentally undemanding day, you must have gone home, bored out of your skull.

5th Dec 2012
 My copy has a label for a Ricky Nelson EP instead of the proper A side label.

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