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Artist:Earl King
Label:  Imperial
Catalogue:5811 / X5811
Date:Jan 1962
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Community:7 Own, 3 Want
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AEarl KingTrick BagE. King8.7  Rate
BEarl KingAlways A First TimeE. King8.0  Rate


BB Feb 3, 1962

a) IM 3277
b) IM 3278


Comments and Reviews
31st Dec 2016
 "Always a First Time" peaked at #17 on the Billboard "Hot R&B Sides" chart of March 24, 1962. It was Earl King's only national chart placing, although "Trick Bag" eventually became his signature song and "Come On" was one of his most-covered.


25th May 2013
 In Bunny Matthews' sleeve notes for a 1986 compilation LP, Earl King recalled the inspiration for "Trick Bag": "Every night, my dad used to go over by his girlfriend’s house and eat supper. But this particular night, his girlfriend called him to the back fence and she gave him a nice plate - wrapped up - over the fence. Then my dad, after he thought about it, goes over and kicks her door down and she had another dude over there. And that’s why there’s the line in there - ‘I saw you kissing Willie [across] the fence...’"

Also added variant label image.

19th Apr 2013
 @annabella: changed sides as per your comment. Also changed writer as per label.

19th Apr 2013
 Added promo scans.....

I followed the given order, but the dead wax code shows "Trick Bag" to be the a-side.

Actually, the code is on the label too.

28th May 2012

27th May 2012
 Thanks for the scans, 55bluesman!

mickey rat
6th May 2012
 Recorded New Orleans, December 13 1961. Blues Records and Ruppli both give probable line-up as: Earl King (vo), Dave Bartholomew, Wardell Quezerque (tp), Waldron "Frog" Joseph (tb), Morris Bechamin (ts), Carl Biuin (bs), James Booker (p), George French (b), Robert French (d).

24th Jan 2012
 "Always a First Time" made the R&B charts, but the droll ditty of domestic discord on the flip became Earl King's signature song. It was covered by Robert Palmer on Riptide. Benny Spellman appears as the father-in-law. Apparently I'm the first to post an Earl King record. Does anyone have a decent image of this?

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