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Artist:Little Richard And His Band
Label:  Specialty
Catalogue:SP-561-45 / XSP-561-45 / SP-561 / XSP-561
Date:Oct 1955
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Community:37 Own, 1 Wants
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ALittle Richard And His BandTutti-FruttiLaBostrie, PennimanRate
BLittle Richard And His BandI'm Just A Lonely GuyLaBostrie, PennimanRate


BB Oct 29, 1955

* US reissue from the 1980s, identified by raised edges on vinyl lead-in groove


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9th Sep 2015
 Little Richard's Grooviest 17 Original Hits! was released in May 1968.

Rockin Bill
9th Sep 2015
 Little Richard's Grooviest 17 Original Hits Specialty LP was released in 1968. Thus any record refering to it is at least a late 60s reissue.
I prefer to distinguish reissues (or later pressings by the original companies) b/w more or less well done reproductions often from the 70s and 80s. Some are really a mess to identify by its pictures.

8th Sep 2015
 I think it's safe to say the reissues have the LP information on the label. I believe the Notes were stating how to tell the reissue from the original pressing, which is correct.
Perhaps the Notes should have been worded "US reissue from the 1980s is identified by raised edges on vinyl lead-in groove", not specifically stating that the issue Beatlemania43 posted was a reissue (which it's not).

This A-side was released 3 times in 1988 and again in 1990 as B-sides to tracks from the "Cocktail" movie soundtrack.

8th Sep 2015
 The comment under the scans
"* US reissue from the 1980s, identified by raised edges on vinyl lead-in groove"
is factually incorrect? Although 6 of these scans are reissues including my copy which has the raised edge, Beatlemanias looks clearly like a 1950's pressing?

A popular tune like this would have been pressed right the way through the 60/70 to early 80's although I was under the impression that Specialty stopped in the early 80's ?

24th Jul 2015
 Added scans of both labels of a different reissue version (has solid stripe but not a catalog number for the album mentioned on the "A" side). I have also seen, but do not own, another version with "45 RPM" on the right side of the label.

28th Feb 2015

mickey rat
3rd Sep 2013
 I'd never seen this clip either. It obviously dates from the mid fifties but it's only Richard without a band, miming to the record AND in colour. Any idea why it was made? Was it for one of those jukeboxes that played movie clips?

3rd Sep 2013
And how have I missed this footage so far...?

6th Dec 2012
 Added set of 80's re-issue labels. In addition to the raised outer edges, this re-issue also pressed on smoke-colored clear vinyl.

18th Feb 2012
 Produced by Robert "Bumps" Blackwell

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