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Artist:Little Richard And His Band
Label:  Specialty
Catalogue:SP-561-45 / XSP-561-45 / SP-561 / XSP-561
Date:Oct 1955
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Community:25 Own, 1 Wants
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ALittle Richard And His BandTutti-FruttiLaBostrie, Penniman9.0  Rate
BLittle Richard And His BandI'm Just A Lonely GuyLaBostrie, PennimanRate


BB Oct 29, 1955

* US reissue from the 1980s, identified by raised edges on vinyl lead-in groove


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28th Feb 2015

mickey rat
3rd Sep 2013
 I'd never seen this clip either. It obviously dates from the mid fifties but it's only Richard without a band, miming to the record AND in colour. Any idea why it was made? Was it for one of those jukeboxes that played movie clips?

3rd Sep 2013
And how have I missed this footage so far...?

6th Dec 2012
 Added set of 80's re-issue labels. In addition to the raised outer edges, this re-issue also pressed on smoke-colored clear vinyl.

18th Feb 2012
 Produced by Robert "Bumps" Blackwell

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