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Record Details

Label:  Mute
Catalogue:YAZ 001
Date:Jul 1982
Chart Position:3
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:80 Own
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AYazooDon't GoClarkeVince Clarke, Daniel Miller, Eric Radcliffe9.2  Rate
BYazooWinter KillsMoyetAlison Moyet, Eric Radcliffe7.0  Rate


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the Flea
18th Mar 2015
 My copy has production credits to Alison Moyet on side 2 as opposed to Allison Moyet

9th Jul 2014
 My copy has a slightly different dead wax to janiejjones one. A side "Thanx. Deb Three Kisses!" ; Both sides "JA" , "Tape One" (Studios which closed in March 1990).

4th May 2014
 The Deb was Deb Danahay who was Vince Clarke's girlfriend at the time.

John davey
22nd Jan 2014
 with all due respect to 45hound, added higher res scans of the sleeve

21st Jun 2012
 Deadwax also has A: Thank you Deb three kisses <spartan>

2nd Jan 2012
 this single was also given a cat. no. in the standard Mute records series - MUTE 024, which can be seen etched into the vinyl on some copies

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