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Artist:Cockerel Chorus
Label:  Young Blood International
Catalogue:YB 1017
Date:2 Feb 1973
Chart Position:14
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Community:33 Own
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ACockerel ChorusNice One CyrilHarold Spiro, Helen ClarkeMartin ClarkeBrian Rogers6.5  Rate
BCockerel ChorusCyril Marches OnHarold Spiro, Helen ClarkeMartin ClarkeBrian RogersRate


A release date of 9 Feb 1973 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 461


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Charlie Chalk
5th Jun 2015
 I can't immediately think of any others. However, we have had an original football song issued on a major Reggae label.

The Toad
5th Jun 2015
 It was so popular that a reggae version was recorded. I don't suppose that's happened for many football records.

5th Jun 2015
 Why this record was so popular in 1973 and not in 1970? Because Spurs were already champions of the UEFA Cup and about to play (in one month time) the final of the League Cup. Obviously Cyril was one of the main ingredients for the team to be so successful, and this song is a great hommage.

24th Sep 2012

29th Jun 2011
 "a lot of the old numbers were re-used for new records - thus there are actually two different YB-1017s, one on Young Blood from 1970, and this one on Young Blood International from 1973".

Gosh, that's not a very nice thing to do, is it? How dare they confuse people like that? TWO DIFFERENT RECORDS WITH THE SAME NUMBER???? It's unthinkable, it's sacrilegious, it simply shouldn't be allowed!!!! There ought to be a law against such things!

The Toad
28th Jun 2011
 Young Blood catalogue numbers are a bit of a mess. When Young Blood became Young Blood International, in 1972, a lot of the old numbers were re-used for new records - thus there are actually two different YB-1017s, one on Young Blood from 1970, and this one on Young Blood International from 1973. To add to the confusion, some Young Blood singles were reissued on Young Blood International with their old catalogue numbers. The different listings can be compared on my Seventies Sevens site, on the Young Blood and Young Blood International pages.

27th Jun 2011
 I know this single charted in 1973, as a result of a TV commercial, but wasn't it released in 1970? Check out YB 1018 and you'll see that was indeed 1970, so surely YB 1017 was 1970 as well. For some unknown reason, there is no date on the label of this one.

Nice One Cyril was originally written as a football song, and there were other football-themed songs in the charts in 1970 (Back Home, Belfast Boy, etc.), so I would say this was released in 1970 (probably with the older white label with red print), missed the charts, and was re-issued in 1973 with the label design shown here.

Another Young Blood single which charted much later than its first release was Python Lee Jackson's In A Broken Dream (YB 1002). That kept its original number when it charted in 1972, so I guess the same is true of Nice One Cyril.

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