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Artist:Smokey Robinson And The Miracles
Label:  Tamla Motown
Catalogue:TMG 1048
Date:3 Sep 1976
Chart Position:34
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Community:68 Own, 1 Wants
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ASmokey Robinson And The MiraclesThe Tears Of A ClownCosby, Robinson, WonderHenry Cosby, Smokey10.0  Rate
BSmokey Robinson And The MiraclesThe Tracks Of My TearsRobinson, Moore, TarplinSmokey9.0  Rate


Die-cut card 'Motown Singles Collection: 24 Top Hits' sleeve. Reissues.


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9th Jan 2012
 It is not a re-release of the original UK release of TOAC 45 as it did NOT have Tracks Of Tears as it's B side. Its a retro release for the singles collection.

TOAC has a very interesting little history originally burried away as an album track, some of our more astude soul boys of the time picked up on the track and started playing it from the album. Eventually our team over a British Motown HQ in Manchester Square and up the Beatles staircase, heard about it and played the track and said woah we got a hit here and had it cut and put out as a 45 and this was 3 years after it had orginally been recorded and registered.

1. The UK single was the global originator of this as a single
2. It was cut and pressed is it's amazing stereo mix as for the album
3. It gave Smokey and the boys a UK # 1

Note: TMG 1048 does not have a 'Y' prefix for the A side is a serious internal mistake
as they would have pulled YTMG 745 matrix/master for the retro release which did not need to be re-cut as it was in stereo anyway. and knwing EMI at that time the same would have been for TMG 696 (Tracks Of My Tears)which was naturally very mono but would save re-mastering costs!.

A new metals were made from stereo YTMG 745 and mono TMG 696
and etched as TMG 1048 A1 and B1 accordingly, TMG 1048 A1 should actually have been YTMG 1048 A2 and cross referenced to YTMG 745 A1 as the original source/master! But hey ho who knows.

The A side of TMG 1048 is very much stereo and is that outstanding 1967 recording mixed to stereo for the album and released as a single in the UK summer of 1970! and retro-ly since!

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