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Record Details

Artist:Honey Bane
Label:  Zonophone
Catalogue:Z 15
Date:Jan 1981
Chart Position:37
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Community:14 Own, 1 Wants
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AHoney BaneTurn Me On Turn Me OffJ. Pursey, Honey Bane, P. GodwinJimmy Pursey9.0  Rate
BHoney BaneIn DreamsHoney Bane, P. Godwin, J. PurseyJimmy Pursey9.0  Rate


Picture sleeve.


10th Jan 2015
 See also this forum thread.

The Toad
10th Jan 2015
 As a label, Zonophone goes back to 1899, so it's pretty ancient. According to Brian Rust's 'American Record Label' book it was absorbed into the Victor Talking Machine company in 1903. The book says that in Britain it was associated with His Master's Voice, and joined the EMI group along with that label and with Regal. Regal and Zonophone were merged, and from January 1933 Regal Zonophone records appeared.

Regal Zonophone seems to have expired in the '40s but it was given a new lease of life in the vinyl era by EMI. After it bit the dust for a second time EMI relaunched Zonophone as a 'new wave' kind of label, but it didn't last all that long. The likes of Honey Bane make a marked contrast with the label's early material.

Michael Earith
10th Jan 2015
 Typical Start Of The 80s Style Music,Though It Does Remind Me Of GO GOs Somewhat.
Is The ZONOPHONE Label A Spin Off Of The 60s REGAL ZONOPHONE Label?

23rd Feb 2012
 have a look at the video - comedy spelling of "Dire Straights" on the chart rundown!!!!

Paul Vinyl
16th Jul 2011
 Was it really 1981 when she was on "Top Of The Pops" I can remember it so clearly, All I was thinking she was on the 'Crass' label now look at her, but good luck to her.

16th Jul 2011
 Have added a few old scans showing that this was also issued as a limited edition in a gatefold sleeve complete with a "free" single.

Not sure how to go about adding this extra single info which featured the songs "Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do" and "Negative Exposure"

Great single, a personal favourite of mine. The A side is a great infectious quirky piece of pop that won her a spot on "Top Of The Pops" (as seen in the video) whilst the B side is a slow dreamy number with psychedelic tinges. It also has one of those infinite run out grooves, so on decks without auto return, it keeps on playing a loop until you remove the arm yourself.

23rd Jun 2011
 Honey's sole appearance on BBC TV's "Top Of The Pops"


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