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Label:  K J Roberts Promotions
Catalogue:ZDR 56312
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AMoonshineSusannahPaul BleaseRate
BMoonshineGarden Of MenPaul BleaseRate

11th Apr 2015
 Decca has a matrix ZDR 56312, but it's the B side of Decca F 13552, from as late as September 1974.

Additionally, ZDR 56312 is on both sides on this 45 we have here, so it is supposed to be a catalogue number and not the matrix number. Further, ZDR would mean a stereo recording made in Decca's own main studios in West Hampstead, which this murky mono recording definitely isn't. A mono tape coming from outside Decca would have been XDR, or ZXDR if in stereo.

So it is probably pure coincidence. Or maybe K. J. Roberts had seen some matrix numbers on Decca's labels and decided that it would be cool to have a similar, however meaningless, number on his record...?

The Toad
22nd Sep 2011
 Anybody know if this was recorded at Decca? - The catalogue number looks like it belongs to one of that company's matrix series. The neraest number I've found, ZXDR-56309/10, belongs to Vineyard's 'Charlemagne' single, on Deram, and dates from 10.09.74.

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