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Artist:[no artist listed]
Label:  Argo
Catalogue:EAF 77
Title:Pacific Power
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Community:6 Own, 1 Wants
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A1[no artist listed]Flying Scotsman At Aylesbury And BrackleyPeter HandfordRate
A2[no artist listed]Princess Elizabeth Leaving AberdeenPeter HandfordRate
A3[no artist listed]A Britannia At Llanvihangel SummitPeter HandfordRate
B1[no artist listed]An A. 4 Pacific At HitchinPeter HandfordRate
B2[no artist listed]An A. 1 Pacific Leaving GranthamPeter HandfordRate
B3[no artist listed]Bulleid Pacifics At Templecombe And BasingstokePeter HandfordRate


15th Aug 2014
 ...I bought a stereo copy of this in a moment of madness maybe 10 years ago, but it's a

"Mono record inside stereo sleeve........??" ,never even heard it, no turntables set up.

I should have given the ebay merchant a proper negative, but failed to do so......live and learn, it's only money.....

15th Aug 2014
 What is surprising about this record is that it came out with an issue in both Mono and Stereo. I don't think the Stereo ZFA issues were very common (if at all) and the Mono EAF series is much more easy to find.

5th May 2014
 Label Variation Added

29th May 2013
 Just realised that the Flying Scotsman photo here looks different to the current locomotive of same name and number ( smoke box appears further back from front buffer beam ). More unusually its been recorded at Aylesbury And Brackley , both on the former Great Central Line ( part route for proposed HS2 line ) , presumably when the Great Central lines had been generally allocated to the LNER. But it looks like the audio was done in the BR era. Between 5 June 1950 and 4 July 1954, and between 26 December 1954 and 1 September 1957, under British Railways ownership, it was allocated to Leicester Central shed on the Great Central, running Nottingham Victoria to London Marylebone services via Leicester Central.

2nd May 2012
 One reason train enthusiasts seek these old recordings out is a lot of amateur rail fans took film footage of the steam trains before they dissapeared, but portable sound equipment was a lot less common at the time.. so most of the footage is silent. Now people try to find authentic sounds to dub into those films, which isn't easy, because the train would need to be going the same speed to get the picture and sound reasonably synchronized. Authentic footage from the steam era with live recorded sound is quite rare. The situation with UK steam is probably better than here in the USA, since steam lasted into the late 60s and portable equipment was more available, and a lot more UK steam survived into preservation, so theres a chance of getting new recordings. We arn't as lucky here in the USA..The New York Central's Hudsons, for example, were all scrapped..Same with the Milwaukee's Hiawathas, which were capable of 125 MPH... Fortunately a couple of the bigger railroads produced some promotional films with professional equipment.

9th Sep 2011
 From Wikipedia , entry for Sound Recordist Peter Handford.
Handford is also well-known for his recordings of steam locomotives in the 1950s and 1960s, during the last days of steam railways in Britain.[5][6] These were issued on the Transacord label between 1955 and 1961, at which point a deal was struck with Argo, for whom many new recordings were made under the well-known "Argo Transacord" moniker. In 1980, Argo was dropped by Decca's new owners, PolyGram and Argo's owner, Harley Usill, started a new label, ASV, on which the best-selling Transacord LPs were reissued in the early to mid-1980s. ASV is now part of the Sequel Group and Transacord recordings are still available both on CD and as downloads. Peter Handford's original tape recordings are archived in the National Railway Museum.

Transacord's records are listed in Jim Palm's "Railways on Record" book from the early 1980s. A partial discography is also included in Peter Handford's 1980 autobiography, "Sounds of Railways and Their Recording" - unfortunately it does not include the records released by Argo during the 1960s on their (Z)DA catalogue sequence. There is news of a forthcoming book on Transacord from The Record Press, for release in late-2011 and to be titled "Transacord: Sounds of Steam and other Transports of Delight". In keeping with other publications in The Record Press' "Great British Record Labels" series, the book is to include a history of the label plus the most comprehensive discography of UK releases available.

7th Dec 2010
 Amazing ..... make that 11.

7th Dec 2010
 Who would have thought that a steam engine would result in 10 comments - is this a record??????

Dr Doom
7th Dec 2010
 I may not have this now. Only bought it for 45cat use and it may already have been returned to whence it came (with me 25p out of pocket but spiritually happier) Didn't notice the Stereo/Mono differences so I'll take better notice next time I pick up one of these.

Col Wolfe
6th Dec 2010
 Am sure I've read somewhere that train enthusiasts pay big money for the Argo records...?

6th Dec 2010
 Dr Doom, any chance of a scan of a label from the stereo version please?

Orbiting Cat
6th Dec 2010
 I "unhid" the back cover as it is different to the one shown.

6th Dec 2010
 My original cover scans are the ones that match the labels (see hidden +2)

5th Dec 2010
 Different prefix on the sleeve to the record, because it's Stereo??

26th Nov 2010
 Old LNER livery..probably shedded at Doncaster...er..ermm!!!
Desperately Need a whiff of diesel to stop these flashbacks

26th Nov 2010
 I didn't realise Audi did Steam Trains

26th Nov 2010
 Does my memory fail or is that an A3????

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