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Artist:Small Faces
Label:  Immediate
Date:Apr 1969
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Community:4 Own, 1 Wants
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ASmall FacesWham Bam Thank You MamS. Marriott, R. LaneS. Marriott, R. LaneSmall Faces9.0  Rate
BSmall FacesAfterglow Of Your LoveS. Marriott, R. LaneS. Marriott, R. LaneSmall Faces9.0  Rate


12th Sep 2015
 Thanks for agreeing with me Mikey. Why does the stock copy take precedence here? You can't get any more original than a promo pressing and the A and B-sides are clearly marked on the promo. If the stock copy takes precedence here then why do we put promo labels first in the label queue?
Why do the label scans not apply here?

Mikey Dread
12th Sep 2015
 Is there any evidence that 'Wham Bam' was flipped for it's American stock copy release? If not, I agree with RD's Sept 10th comment on the stock copy matrix numbers screw up. All the other linked countries of release have 'Afterglow' as the A side.

11th Sep 2015
 Still doesn't answer my question. So A/B promos don't take precedence over a stock copy and the entry isn't going to be changed to reflect the way the sides are printed on the promo?

11th Sep 2015
 Is there a reason an A/B promo pressing of a single not be considered the first pressing?
So even though the stock pressings have the sides labelled incorrectly, we aren't going to change the sides in the entry to match the promo which is labelled correctly?

11th Sep 2015
 klepsie: 's one of the differences between an apc/promo copy-with-both-sides, and a test copy (often only distinguishable from a stock copy by label, by some extra sticker advising it is a test copy, and not for sale).
(and yes, i agree that a stock copy - ideally of the first pressing :-) - a-side should be the 45cat item's primary image, even though apcs & promo copies are mfd before the stock copy's finalised & distributed.) (- usually.)

10th Sep 2015
 The typesetting is identical otherwise to the promo, so it isn't an error that could have arisen during the layout; someone must have actually changed it from the promo.

But I'm not that bothered, so long as both sides' data are correct on the listing.

10th Sep 2015
 I'd say there's a mistake on the stock copy. Look at the matrix numbers on the stock labels. "Side 1" has a 2 after the matrix and "Side 2" has a 1 after the matrix. The Promo copy has the sides marked correctly. So I'd say the sides should be reversed.

10th Sep 2015
 I've always adhered to the belief that one of the purposes of the promo is so that the label can spot and fix any mistakes on it in time for the stock copy, so while the promo scans should go first in accordance with house style, I'd suggest that the stock copy choice of A side should prevail as regards the listing.

10th Sep 2015
 In a case like this, should the entry show the sides as per the promo or stock copy? Wouldn't the promo copy be the first pressing of the single and therefore that A-side should be shown as the A-side in the entry?

10th Sep 2015
 "Wham Bam"


10th Sep 2015
 Promo added. Note, per RichardSibello's comment below the A side is Afterglow on the promo.

17th Mar 2013
 Strange - my promo copy of this has "Afterglow" as the A side and "Wham Bam" as the B side.

23rd Apr 2012
 Does the label really say Ma'am - it was Man everywhere else!

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