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Record Details

Artist:Electric Light Orchestra
Label:  Jet
Catalogue:ZS8 5050
Date:Jun 1978
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Community:27 Own, 2 Want
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AElectric Light OrchestraMr. Blue SkyJ. LynneJeff Lynne9.7  Rate
BElectric Light OrchestraOne Summer DreamJ. LynneJeff Lynne8.0  Rate


9th Jun 2015
 W.B. you are correct. My copy is identical to Images #1096528 & 1096530 and has the Terre Haute ecthing in the deadwax.

7th Jun 2015
 Now, given that each of the three plants Columbia operated at the time had the same group of fonts - and correct me if I'm mistaken - wouldn't {Images #210620 & 210621} have been from Pitman, NJ; {Images #932522 & 932523} from Santa Maria, CA; and {Images #1096528 & 1096530} from Terre Haute, IN (especially since, on another site which showed the record surface around the label area, there was a "grooved" pattern near to the raised area where the labels were stuck on, which was a characeristic of Terre Haute pressings)?

3rd Mar 2015

3rd Mar 2015

21st Dec 2013
 Third variation of labels added

7th Aug 2013
 W.B.lbl, my copy of this has variant font and layout from both sets of images here now and was pressed by Columbia Records Terre Haute, Indiana plant. I will try to upload images soon.

7th Aug 2013
 These variants would appear to have been the work of two different pressing plants, though both used the same V-I-P phototypesetting fonts from Linotype. Which plant would have been responsible for the newly-added {Images #932522 & 932523}, and which one would have concocted {Images #210620 & 210621}?

7th Aug 2013
 Added images of label variant.

31st May 2013
  Considering that in the US, this song was not a really big hit compared to the UK, I often wondered if this contributed to the decision not to release "Diary of Horace Wimp" as a single in the US. (Well that, and the fact that US radio pretty much demanded "Don't Bring Me Down" being released as a single.)

30th May 2013
 US version is NOT the same ending as the UK version. US version does not include the "coda" at the end of the song.

16th Apr 2012
 Does this release in USA have the same ending that the UK 45 has?
Put it another way is it the same length as UK release?

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