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Record Details

Label:  ZTT
Catalogue:ZTAS 8
Date:May 1985
Chart Position:21
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Community:32 Own, 1 Wants
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APropagandaDuelBrücken, Dorper, Freytag, MertensS. J. Lipson9.0  Rate
BPropagandaJewelBrücken, Dorper, Freytag, MertensS. J. Lipson6.3  Rate


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31st Jan 2014
 Just uploaded an A-side variant (#1152239) where Freytag is missing from the composer credits, as on the plastic labels.

15th Dec 2012
 Sadly this is also available in plasticrap, scans added.
I do have a copy with the paper labels luckily.

26th Jun 2011
 I never bothered with any of the variations - just this single and the album. Didn't really have the money back then. Much of them are rounded up on the remaster that came out last year which is well worth picking up - a double disc, the first containing the album - with the original mix and the alternate mixes used on the original 1985 CD. The second disc rounds up various odds and ends including the legendary 20 minute cassette only piece called "Do Well" which featured 4 different mixes. The Japanese CD has some unique mixes not on the remaster... groan. The "bitter sweet" mix of "Duel" being my fave... the full length version clocking in at 7minutes 38 seconds - has a lengthier ending fading out during a charming guitar solo. But I do recommend the recent double disc remaster heartily. Just surprises me how well it still holds up since the entire album is a wondrous beast in it's own right.

No idea about the 12 inch double packs I'm afraid. ZTT put out so many variations I think they still cause confusion to this day!

Oakley Boys
26th Jun 2011
 Have to admit it is a favourite of mine especially the 12" mix. One of my favourite groups but alas I never put the effort in to get everything. I have never seen the so-called 12" double- packs which probably explains why the RRPG doesn't list them now. Should I still be looking for them?

26th Jun 2011
 For me, THE definitive single released in the 80's. A wonderful piece of sophisticated pop that still sounds great today, as does the album from which it came, "A Secret Wish." It's just pop perfection - great vocal by Claudia Brucken, nice non cheesy synths, great chord change going into the chorus... just wonderful. Nothing else could touch this for the rest of the decade and now, whenever I think of the 80's, this remains my fave.

Was a great idea to pair it up with "Jewel" which was a more industrial type punkier version of the A side. Long time since I was able to play this single so goodness knows what mix "Jewel" is... the vinyl album had an instrumental version. A full vocal version is a bonus track on the remastered CD as used on a 12" single. ZTT were notorious for flinging out many different mixes!


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